Bismarck did not say anything about the separation of Ukraine from Russia. Supporter of German unity and it took the Russian Empire as the “one and indivisible” and did not know the word “Ukraine”

Often quotes the words of the “Iron Chancellor” of “amputation of Ukraine” and etching with Russian Ukrainians were in fact a fake.

One of the favorite quotes of the Russian Internet and today’s official Russian media is a phrase of Otto von Bismarck (Otto von Bismarck): “The power of Russia can be undermined only separated from it by the Ukrainian …” occurs and this option: “For the vast body of the Russian Empire is lethal only one operation - amputation of Ukraine. ”

And some, especially zealous propagandists Kremlin pool put in the mouth of the “Iron Chancellor” and the words: “It is necessary not only to tear, but also oppose Ukraine Russia, to pit the two parts of a single people, and watch as Brother will kill brother.”

DW related to the Fund in the German city of Bismarck Friedrichsruh. In response to our request Dr. Ulf Morgenstern (Ulf Morgenstern), Researcher Foundation of heritage of Otto von Bismarck, emphasized: “Nothing like Bismarck did not. And he could not speak.” There is no evidence - no records of the Chancellor or his speeches protocols or drafts of letters or memoirs of contemporaries - that would be mentioned something similar.

Moreover, in his memoirs, Chancellor talks about the so-called “party of the weekly” in Prussia, which predicted “the dismemberment of Russia.” Bismarck replied with obvious disapproval of the idea.

For propaganda purposes

Politically, the “Iron Chancellor” thought in terms of great empires: Germany, France, Russia. The thought of their dismemberment, decay, venting some other parts were completely alien to him. Supporter of German unity (and, in fact, the creator of a united Germany), Bismarck and Russia perceived as “one and indivisible.”

There is another reason why, as German historians believe he could not utter phrases mentioned Bismarck did not know the word “Ukraine”. It came in the European lexicon much later. Already for this reason we can confidently assert that the phrase about the “amputation of Ukraine” is a fake, contrived and distribute propaganda purposes to show that, say, the West has always wanted to dismember Russia and that the current conflict is not due to the desire of Ukraine to become an independent European the state and the Kremlin’s attempts to counter this, and the insidious machinations of eternal West.

1 April 2015

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