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Astrakhan Region[/[t:tag slug=oblast]Region Governor Alexander Alexandrovich Zhilkinym in 2012 set a goal: “Increase the contribution of small business in the GRP to 50%.” The key aspect of the implementation of such an important task - an active education and outreach. Having rich experience in this field, the Center for Support and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises “Logos,” commissioned by the Astrakhan Regional Innovation Centre, on 02.06.2014 to 21.05.2014 was successfully conducted a training seminar on the theme: “Developing skills assess the feasibility of business plans. ” In the course of which participants (among whom were acting experienced entrepreneurs and novice businessmen, and students actively seeking to start up their own business), were transferred to skills development and validation of business - plans based on different methodological approaches and tools business of designing, business process modeling, financial and investment analysis, strategic and tactical planning, marketing, project management, simulation. Thus, the obtained knowledge during the workshop will enable SMEs to actively work hard and highly competitive market, Astrakhan, and will also contribute to the emergence of new successful entrepreneurs.

23 June 2014

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A study conducted by an international team of scientists led by Professor Kevin Lalande (Kevin Laland) and Dr.
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The emergence of the network provided the Federal Program “Development of nanotechnology for 2008-2010.
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It is known that at the age of three to five years, children not only continue to explore the world, but also learn to communicate.
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In Moscow on Thursday, the II Congress of "innovative practice: science plus business", organized by the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov "Innopraktikoy.
• Anatoly Chubais, suggested the introduction of a Russian university position as "pro-rector on innovation and open a secondary school in Nanotechnology »»»
“The local universities should be a separate head, which will deal exclusively with business and money, not education - offered Chubais.