90% of research groups - and that thousands of scientists - upheld grants recently established Russian Research Fund, financed by the Russian science

11755 applications from RNF recommended to only support 876 projects from 49 regions of the country.

This is a disastrous policy. Special cynicism is that even the coveted award (5 million per year), which did not get the majority of applicants are not sufficient for normal papers.

What will the crumbs from the master’s table, what will their inequitable distribution? Situation especially for readers of “MK” commented Head of Sector Division of Theoretical Physics Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN) Peter Arce.

Scientists perplexed. If the best years of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) sift only 30-40% of the contestants (and this is without humanities projects that were funded by other fund - RFH), now RNF from all directions of science, which included physical, mathematical, biological, earth sciences, and humanities, chose less than 10%.

- This has never happened before. It is very small, - says Peter Arseev. - If we compare with the road, the figures from the fund with ten rows of cars tried to cram on a single band. This plug! Scientific backbone necessarily rise. And, I would not say that among the chosen - the most worthy. In my opinion, groups of individuals deservedly been allocated about one-third.

The rest are no better and no worse than those who did not get the money. Created enormous disparity among people scientific environment. 90% of the research groups that previously had often grant support, now die quietly. Analyzing the list of winners, we can say that the choice of experts RNF was completely random, chaotic, in many cases there is a clear bias of the jury to the different research groups.

Now on the amount of the grant and how it will be distributed. As explained by the Second Conference of researchers CEO RNF Khlunov Alexander Grant (maximum of 5 million per year) will primarily payroll team members to purchase equipment necessary reagents and proper to perform scientific work.

- Imagine what it is - says Arseev. - If a group of 5 people, it turns 1 million per person per year. At a salary of 60-70 thousand per month for the rest of the band is about one million rubles a year.

With the high cost of modern equipment, tickets (scientists must ride on its scientific conferences on the subject), to the actual performance of work, hiring graduate students performing additional calculations are mere crumbs. By and large grant goes only on the normal salary.

26 May 2014

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