“Presidential” Boris tiger in the forest EAO create a family with a tigress Light

Tigers Boris and Light released into the wild after rehabilitation, form a married couple in the vicinity of the reserve Crane in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (EAO).

Website of the program studying the Amur tiger in the Russian Far East, reports that, according to data from the GPS-collars, Borya and Light met on December 19 in the vicinity of the reserve Crane, and do not leave for several days.

“The Tigers have been together for about four kilometers, and probably hunted together successfully,” - said in a statement.

Scientists believe that Boris and light form a married couple.

These predators back into the natural habitat of tigers, among others, in 2014. All of them have been trained in the rehabilitation center. Tiger Boria, along with two other cubs orphaned - Kuzey and Ilona - in May 2014 in the taiga of Amur region has issued Russian President Vladimir Putin. In June of the same year in the Jewish Autonomous Region issued a tiger bright and male Ustina.

Tigress bright all the time living in the reserve Crane, Tiger Boris did not go far from the place of manufacture in the reserve Zhelundinskom. In October this year, he began to travel widely on the Amur Region, and in November came to Crane Reserve.

It was reported earlier that the specialists of the reserve “Bastak” in the Jewish Autonomous Region received the first pictures of the cubs rescued tigress three years ago Cinderella and rehabilitated tiger cherished. This was confirmed successfully developed by scientists of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. Severtsov RAS technology restoring populations of rare big cats.

23 December 2015

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