Ordinary Americans do not approve of Obama’s connection with the Ukrainian crisis. Rating Head of State went down

Barack Obama’s work on the highest public office in general disapprove of 59% of Americans, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Press - GfK. Their support for the president, said 41% of respondents.

And the problems Obama has emerged where there was none before. His foreign policy during the second term of Americans are not inclined to consider the weak point. However, the crisis in Ukraine radically changed the situation. Who is the head of state action in the international arena approves a record low number of citizens - only 40%. Many of those interviewed said that the United States as the leading world power, was unable to defend Ukraine and Russia to punish.

Actions taken by Obama in connection with the events in Ukraine, not satisfied with over half of respondents - 57%. Almost as many (54%) criticized his actions in relation to Russia.

While nine out of ten Americans approve sanctions against Russian officials and businessmen after the annexation of the Crimea. Half of the respondents said restrictions adopted adequate, and the other - requires tightening them.

It should be noted that the events in Ukraine and the Crimea had completely the opposite effect on Vladimir Putin. According to VTsIOM, now working president satisfied 75.7% of Russians. This is a record high for the last five years.

If presidential elections were held in Russia next Sunday, would vote for Putin 64% of Russians, according to the poll.

27 March 2014

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• Americans believe that Obama is not worthy of the Nobel Prize, showed a poll »»»
A survey conducted by specialists of the University Kuinnipiak in the United States.
• Putin's rating has reached a historic high - 89%. In April, February and May of Putin approved 86% »»»
Activities Putin as Russian president approves 89% of Russians. In addition, according to the poll, 64% of Russians believe that Russia is moving in the right direction.
• Russians for Putin, but against the policy. President of Russia's electoral rating rose to a record 87%. Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 4% of the vote »»»
It seems that our fellow credited with the political agenda of the country president - Vladimir Putin's rating reached historical highs.
• Russian president's record rating rose in June. This result sociologists "Levada Center" have not seen the last 14 years »»»
In June approval of Putin Russians reached the maximum level in 14 years 85%.
• American attitudes toward Russia deteriorated sharply »»»
Russia's rating of U.S. citizens fell sharply, according to a survey conducted by Gallup.