In Japan, found a letter Ribbentrop congratulating scout Sorge

In a bookstore in Tokyo discovered a letter written on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nazi Germany Joachim von Ribbentrop Soviet intelligence officer Richard Sorge in connection with his 43 th birthday.

In a letter dated October 4, 1938, it states that the German government recognizes the outstanding contribution to the work of Sorge German Embassy in Japan.
Letter among old books discovered 71-year-old professor of German political history Nobuo Tajima. According to him, the letter was probably written at the request of the German ambassador in Japan Eugen Otto, while he I. von Ribbentrop was hardly familiar with R.Zorge.
The letter signed by the Secretary von Ribbentrop, but it is accompanied by the Minister of picture along with its probable autograph.
Soviet spy during World War II R.Zorge started in Japan in 1936. He is reported to Moscow about military preparations in Germany against the Soviet Union and the plans of Japan in relation to the USSR. He was arrested by the Japanese police in 1941 and executed in 1944.

19 May 2015

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