Almost half of the citizens have nothing to ask Vladimir Putin’s “straight line”. The “no longer causes the enthusiasm of the population,” the Russians are tired of this format of communication

72% of the fund “Public Opinion” (FOM) were aware that on April 16, President Vladimir Putin will hold a straight line. 46% of respondents said they did not want to ask the head of state issues. Experts attribute this to the “fatigue” of Russians on the format of a straight line.

More than any other on the preparation of a straight line are aware Russians over 60 years (86% in this age group). See Communication from the President of the population planned 59% more likely to have stated this again elderly people (81% of them). A quarter stated that they would not look straight line. Political analyst Gregory Dobromelov believes that President answers questions from the public are more likely to plan to look older Russians as “the main channel of information about it was radio and television, the Internet and not”: “In principle, the line itself is designed for older people who may weekday day sit at the TV screens, youth and working people can hardly sit on Thursday afternoon three or four hours at the TV. ” 27% of Russians were not aware that on April 16 will take place on a straight line.

Questions about the welfare of the citizens would like to ask Vladimir Putin 15% of Russians. They are, in particular, interested in the theme of “fighting rising prices”, “higher wages” as well as “opportunities to improve the lives of people in general.” Another 10% would have asked the president of the Social Benefits 4% - on the economic problems, 3% - on the fight against corruption, the fight against unemployment, housing problems, the problems of housing and health care. 1% of the respondents wanted to express to the President “the words of support and encouragement of his work.” In this case, 46% did not want to ask questions to Vladimir Putin, because “all the same for all, he does not have time to answer.” A straight line, in their opinion, “it is all window dressing”, “nothing for the better will not change.” The poll was conducted April 11-12 among 1,500 respondents in 43 regions of Russia.

In the 46% who did not want anything to ask the President, includes “a clear group of the population that has a negative attitude to Vladimir Putin,” those “who realize that their problems - is the level of head of the housing department, not the president,” and those who “can not formulate a question,” said “Y” FOM President Alexander Oslon. Gregory Dobromelov, in turn, believes that the format of a straight line exhausts itself: “When the program first came, it was very popular and in demand, but in the 15 years of her mouth”. According to him, part of the population has already realized that their questions will change nothing, even if the sound in the program. “Putin himself tired of this annual communication on the air, and the straight line becomes a ritual character - says politolog.- for the program come ritual characters - (ex-minister finansov.-” b “), Alexei Kudrin, (chief editor of” Echo of Moscow. - “b”), Alexei Venediktov, the President is required to received requests from citizens and he, like a magician pulls a rabbit out of the cylinder and solves problems. “Gregory Dobromelov notes that citizens do not expect sensations from a straight line and the program” is no longer in the population enthusiasm “

17 April 2015

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