Yandex will hold all-Russian online math test

The Russian company Yandex will hold country-wide tests in mathematics for all comers. This was reported in a press release received by the disposal of “RG”.

The campaign, dubbed “QED”, will be held March 14 - the day of “pi”.

The control consists of 10 tasks to be solved in 40 minutes. According to Yandex, for solutions quite basic knowledge of mathematics. Most of the proposed tasks are based on real-life situations, which is regularly confronted each - for example, the calculation of interest on the loan or the travel time from one time zone to another.

Sign up for a test, please visit: After a few weeks there will be published test items, and in front of the control participants will come a reminder of the date of its implementation.

Results will be announced as soon as the end of this “self-exam”, after which each participant will be able to share them on social networks.

The control work is supported by the Higher School of Economics. Its purpose organizers described as follows: “This is an attempt to once again prove the theorem about the necessity of mathematics in everyday life.”

National action on examination has become a tradition in Russia. So, every year in almost all regions passes “Total dictation”: wishing voluntarily checked himself on the knowledge of national languages ​​and Russian.

12 February 2015

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