Paparazzi greatly unnerved … Catherine II (the Great)

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old. Few will disagree with this statement, but … Does this mean that the cameras, computers and nuclear reactors, already existed when the previously? Educated people only usmehnёtsya. What kind of reaction you would expect from a friend, if voice, in conversation with him, the version that exists prizhiznannaya Photo by Alexander Pushkin? If the person is smart, you will see a suspicious but affectionate look, and notice that his hands were groping refletorno pocket cell phone and eyes run from side to side in search of a safe escape route.

Everyone is aware that the photo was born in France in 1826. There neoprovrzhimoe evidence which casts doubt on PROHIBITED:

The view from the window of Le Gras. 1826. Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

It’s very convincing. Doubt, it would seem there is no reason, but once yazametil few oddities in the thorny path of the evolution of photography. First, just twenty years after the invention of photography, he suddenly, abruptly become popular, and most interestingly, the quality of it was incredibly high! Gradual progress is not observed, there was no - there was no chance kaak was!

- S understand what is at stake?

Mistakes can not be any. In the first and fourth paragraphs are talking about drawing and lithography, and the third about PHOTOS 1777 !!! Here she is a beauty:

Read the fine print under the photo. “Russian Photo № du Negatif 22167 in Moscow.”

Damn me, Rend, how I would like to see the previous twenty-two thousand one hundred sixty-six negatives !!! Especially the first. Maybe it was for himself ruler of Tartary Tamerlane?

9 September 2014

As Tartary died? Part 1.
Russians for Putin, but against the policy. President of Russia’s electoral rating rose to a record 87%. Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 4% of the vote

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The apparent self-hypnosis type “I’ll do it” - is not always the best way to prepare for the solution of a problem.
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Scientists have completed the analysis of images obtained at the end of last year with the Space Telescope Spitzer, and concluded that the existing photos the one of the very first stars in the universe.
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The work was carried out on several islands, the expedition searched for the remains of missing soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.
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People are willing to discuss anything - gossip, movies, adultery, politics … but when comes to talking about God and religion - immediately tushuyutsya.
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Science has reached the brink of magic. Material developed by physicists at the University of St Andrew of Scotland, called Metaflex.