MinObr immediately, without pausing, went and closed three dissoveta in Irkutsk region

Three dissertation council together will be less than in the Irkutsk State Technical University and the Baikal State University of Economics and Law in the Angara. Order to cease their activities was signed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. According to an official document, only in Russia will be eliminated 408 dissovetov.

In order to put a new dissertation councils of two universities in Irkutsk region. In particular, stop working two dissoveta IrGTU - Economic and technical sciences. At the same time lose BSUEL dissertation council on the economy.

Meanwhile termination of dissovetov not affected Irkutsk State University. Currently in ISU has six such bodies entitled to carry out doctoral and master’s theses. Accordance with the regulations of the Higher Attestation Commission, the boards are mainly composed of leading experts of the Irkutsk State University in relevant field of expertise. They also presented scientists Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS and the staff of other universities of the city.

According to the rector on scientific work of ISU, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Alexander Schmidt, the threat of closure or suspension of dissovetov always existed. The principal difference between the present situation is that the right to liquidate Minbornauki dissertation councils, bypassing the stage of the suspension of their activities. In case of suspension of council get a chance to fix the notes to their work.

Vice Rector also said that this year the Ministry of Education and Science has made significant changes in the regulations relating to the work of dissertation councils, the requirements for their members and the order of the thesis. “However, there is little doubt that certain actions will be taken in terms of reducing the number of operating councils” - says Schmidt.

22 July 2014

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