The Italians called Putin’s most influential politician of the year 2015

24.66% think that Russia has significantly increased its weight in the international arena due to the policy of the Russian leadership on the fight against international terrorism, which is considered a global threat 38%.

According to residents of the Apennines, the President of Russia is the most influential politician of the year 2015.

This is stated in a study conducted by an authoritative institution to determine the IPSOS opinion commissioned by television channel RaiNews24 and the Institute for International Research (ISPI).

In the past, the President of Russia ahead of the leader in 2014, the year (28 percent), US President Barack Obama (27 percent), which lost the support of as many as 13 percent of respondents, this time taking the second place.

According to the authors, the Russian president has won first place in the survey, and improved its result immediately by 20 points compared with last year, thanks to its strong position on Syria and Turkey. But the failure of the Obama they are directly associated with the ineffective struggle with Washington Daishev (the Arabic name of the banned terrorist group in Russia LIH) and the failure of US diplomacy to resolve the Middle East crisis.

Third place was awarded honorary Pope Francis, with the support of 24 percent of respondents. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has worsened its result is almost a widow with 20 percent in 2014 to 12 percent in 2015. Closes the top five with a score of 4 percent ECB President Mario Draghi.

24 December 2015

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• Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of all the world's leaders in the ranking of the most influential people, according to the readers of the American magazine Time »»»
Voting will end on Friday evening, the official results will be announced on April 13.
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These are the results of a representative survey of DW-Trend, which commissioned media company DW held Kiev branch of the Institute of Public Opinion Research IFAK.
• Ordinary Americans do not approve of Obama's connection with the Ukrainian crisis. Rating Head of State went down »»»
Barack Obama's work on the highest public office in general disapprove of 59% of Americans, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Press - GfK.