The flowering of nationalism from France to Poland could lead to the demise of the ideas of liberal democracy in Europe and the replacement of their national values ​​and interests

After winning the regional elections, “National Front” under the leadership of Marine Le Pen has established itself as the main opposition party in France. The author expresses confidence that in 2017, Le Pen will run for president, and calls the policy of the party leader “professional wash fascism.”

But France is no exception, and nationalist sentiment already flourishing in the east of the continent, emphasizes the publication. While the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is trying to ban criticism of the government in the name of “public morals”, Polish right-wing party “Law and Justice” was able to come to power. The Guardian columnist explains these trends by financial instability in Europe, as well as the isolation of the ruling elites of the citizens.

Against the background of the UK remains unresponsive to the growth of xenophobic attitudes, the newspaper notes. The country considers the opening of the borders of the EU as a tool to destroy nationalism. Nevertheless, recent events show that many countries have turned their backs on liberal ideas, and this greatly reduces the chances that the UK remains in the EU.

Earlier it was reported that the victory of the “National Front” can turn into a disaster for the euro zone.

10 December 2015

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