Communication within the brain will replace the fingerprint

Unique connections in the brain of an individual can be used to identify an individual, like fingerprints. To such conclusions the American scientists, authors of the article in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Neuroimaging (methods to present the structure, functions and biochemical characteristics of the brain - for example, computed tomography) is traditionally used in neurophysiology to compare brain activity in different groups of people (to better understand a particular aspect of this body). In these comparative studies of the individual characteristics of the brain are usually ignored.

However, Finn, Emily (Emily Finn) and her colleagues found that the unique characteristics of bonds of different parts of the human brain are stable enough to define his identity in comparison with other individuals. Finn worked with 126 participants of the project “Human Connect”. It was found that the pattern of relations obtained in the course of one of the neuroimaging session (at rest, when passing the tests for memory, emotion and language skills) in subsequent sessions remains unchanged - and it is easy to identify the individual to other participants in the experiment.

Moreover, the figures relationships helped to predict the level of the mobile intelligence (the ability to perceive and memorize new, solve the problems that people have never encountered). The main predictors of this ability proved the connection between the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes of the brain.

In the project “Human Connect”, in addition to the University of Oxford are participating universities of Washington and Minnesota. Konnektomom is the set of all the connections between neurons, which number in the human brain is estimated at quadrillion. The project was launched in 2010, its budget was $ 40 million.

13 October 2015

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