Playing with time, “the old aristocracy” and “new people”

The drama is that the old aristocracy living out their last days in the dungeon siroteyuschih Rublev. It is nothing more, and decide on what is not affected; The new architecture allows, in principle, to ignore her fluttering: within 86% of the rating can build quite a lively competition politsistemu, and this - oh, horror! - Will be a real party, the election is really and truly the local government, that is a literal implementation of the entire set of slogans that have many years of collective mouth Sobchak rebroadcast the old nobility, never assuming that all this will ever be realized in practice.

And this realization is only one: “nobles” - behind. Not least because they never go on their yards and porches to solve communal problems voters never go with their feet to the fine officials to solve problems each Dusi women - and without this, one only paid media campaign, no elections to the new reality will never win . It is time those who for many years languished in the ghetto of the old political system - functionaries of the Communist Party, CP, the Liberal Democratic Party, and even in the same EdRa “neglamurnaya” part, people in the wrong tailored jackets and ties out of tune, and potato person, but that’s why Baba perceived Dusya not as celestial beings of airtime, but as its in the board, even in petty thieving, but native.

Foreigners will help us - the last hope of the “old aristocracy”, for which at all times and anywhere in the class barriers were much more important than ethno-national. Therefore, it is for them to risk isolation of the country and any movement in that direction is a vital disaster, while all the rest - a nuisance, “a”. Therefore Ukrainian conflict - the same straw, which is enough for the “nobles” in the quest for return to light yesterday, which for them are the longer the 1990s, where there is, and the very “Okolonolya.”

But if the fragments of feudal Fronde is more or less clear, here is the future of all modes where it is not easy. Crown and Union “new people” is to fork two scenarios - a “revolution from below” and “revolution from above”, in other words, the oprichnina. It is not fake web-postmodern by Pelevin, Sorokin, who was more than role-playing game than the actual class revolution, but in essence - without the swarms of goals, but with a real redistribution of wealth and status to the level of important social groups.

Mechanics here next. The rapidly increasingly scarce resource rents willy-nilly system pushes towards the development of capitalist relations - for kolberovskoy, mercantilist model. Our kontrsanktsii - the first timid little step in this direction, but the real political and social power will be those who will be able to fill the resulting vacuum in the domestic market.

19 August 2015

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