Mathematics from Kursk developed a program that recognizes “electronic writing” human

Scientists Kursk State University (KSU) have developed a program that is capable of almost one hundred percent accuracy to identify a person typing on a keyboard.
Project leader Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, candidate of technical sciences Leonid Kryzhevich Tass reported that the program can be used in education, at sensitive sites and even ATMs, defining “handwriting” person when dialing a PIN.
“When a man typing on a keyboard, he is engaged about forty different muscles at the same time, and everyone uses them in different ways and with different force. In addition, in fact, the time of the search keys, which plays an important role, but it depends on the person learning, an equally important role is played by holding down the time. It lasts a few microseconds, and this press is unique, “- he said.
According to the scientist, through complex mathematical transformations based on probability theory and statistics, the KSU team was able to develop a software product that can identify the user’s computer up to 96%.
The program has two main areas - the user identification information which is stored in the database, and authentication - proof of identity that can be used on sensitive sites or, for example, when you enter a password to access the site and PIN at an ATM.
For successful operation of the program, according to Kryzhevich enough set of four to six characters. It is expected that the software will be available next year.

8 January 2015

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