Leopold Szondi. Creator sudboanaliza

Sondhi Leopold - Hungarian physician, psychologist and author of the concept of “Sudboanaliza.” With 11 years Lipot repetiorstvom earning money for their education in high schools and buying books. In a year of graduating from high school in 1911, his father died, 18-year-old Lipot changes its name and becomes Leopold Szondi. This step is probably Leopold wanted to escape the fate that was imposed on him by his father.

His worried questions that many have tried to answer before him - why everything is happening so and not otherwise? What is destiny? What motivates her? In search of answers, he read a lot, and Dostoevsky’s work proved that sent his thoughts in the right direction. Later Sondhi recalled: “The problem of choice completely and utterly captivated me after school. I read the works of Dostoyevsky, and wondered why as the protagonists of his stories, he usually chooses the killers and” saints. “In my opinion, Dostoevsky knew aggressively sought artistically describe the inner world of killers (Raskolnikov Brothers Karamazov) and saints (Father Zosima), because he was carrying in itself (as a hidden patrimonial inheritance) and the murderer and the saint. Many years later, Henry Troy fully confirmed this point of view the time of my youth, writing in the writer’s biography, among Dostoevsky’s relatives were found and murderers and saints. ”

Sondhi wanted to get answers to all their questions. Immediately after graduating from high school he fell in training at the Medical Faculty of the University of St. Peter Patsmani in Budapest to become a doctor. But realizing that the profession of a “pure” doctors do not help him answer his questions tormented, changing decision. In the third year he decided to devote himself to medical psychology. He wants to be a psychiatrist and a neurologist. ”

On the development of Leopold Szondi influenced the ideas of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. He proposed a new concept of psychoanalysis: the tribal / family unconscious, which in many ways - according to researchers - determines the fate of the individual.

“Since 1923, under the guidance of Professor Ranshburga, Sondhi began his scientific career. The clinic Aponi he equipped the first in Budapest clinic Endocrinology and constitutional diseases. Together with his colleagues, he was the genealogical trees of families in which children were born with different types of pathology. In this case, He waged a chronicle of the family of each child, which included at least two generations of it. This information is supplemented with data of clinical, biochemical, endocrinological and radiological studies.
Starting studies as a doctor, he continues to have them as a psychologist. Studies in clinical genetics are replaced by the study of “the phenomenon is not random selection of the object of love.” Observed in studies phenomena can not be explained on the basis of traditional points of view. Sondhi hypothesizes about the non-randomness of marriage.

13 January 2016

Scientists have found out, that our political views are determined by genes
Confidence in the presence of democracy in Russia has increased from 8% in March 2014 to 16% today. 46% believe that Russia needs a “very special, corresponding to national traditions and specifics of democracy”

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