The main mystery liberals in the world is successful liberalism

Dmitry Zykin

Even with the “German economic miracle” Erhard is not so simple. All developed countries are well aware that conventional wisdom propaganda theses on the invisible hand of the market is not worth a penny. Ideas unbridled liberalism invented in the West only for external use, that is - to ruin competitors.

Among the critical reviews can mention one important point, which essentially boils down to the author’s allegations in the tendentious selection of facts.

Opponents point out that a number of countries went through protectionism and dirigisme, even as France, but there are successful examples of liberal reforms.

In this regard, often mention Germany. It is alleged that West Germany has achieved a phenomenal industrial growth, thanks to the liberal reforms of Ludwig Erhard.

I could dismiss this argument by saying that success is due to American money, the Germans offered under the Marshall Plan. But it would be juggling. The Marshall Plan was distributed not only in Germany: the same France has received from the United States where large amounts. Besides, the Germans also paid reparations.

So the industrial boom in Germany - is an economic miracle without any reservations, and it would be absurd to ignore the positive experience. But as he was a liberal, and whether it can be compared with the reforms of 90-ies in Russia? Let’s face it.

The postwar reforms carried out in Germany under Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who appointed Minister of Economy Professor Erhard. It was his idea and formed the basis for reform.

In journalism, said a lot of words about the nature of the shock and liberal methods Erhard. For example, it is noted that the reform started with the financial sector. Ten of the old Reichsmark relied one Deutschmark.

And only half of the savings are immediately exchanged the rest is frozen and subsequently exchanged at all in the ratio of one to twenty. Businesses provided new money to pay only one salary, and each resident was given a forty marks, and then adding to this amount twenty.

Indeed, it is difficult to argue with the fact that this has happened and we have at Gaidar.

However, details of their reforms Erhard himself wrote in the book “prosperity for all”, so let’s turn to the source, and not to all possible paraphrases.

So what he says Erhard? He criticizes dirigisme, writes about “slaves planning”, and thereby gives reason to classify themselves as liberals in their ranks. But at the same time, Erhard said that during the reform acted “law against arbitrary increase of prices.”

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16 June 2015

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