British survivor tree-change sex

UK Old trees - yew in the Scottish village of Fortingall - decided to change sex

Fortingelskomu Tisa is now more than 5000 years: all this time, the tree pollen is produced, in connection with which botanists refer it to the male. But recently in one of the branches of the tree began to ripen red berries, a sign of the female sex. Botanists have suggested that the yew has decided to partially replace the floor.

- It may seem strange, but some conifers change sex. This usually does not happen with the whole plant but only with part of its crown. This floor has replaced several yew branches - said an employee of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Max Coleman.

Scientists have collected yew berries to study them in a project to study the genetic diversity of yew trees growing in Europe, the Caucasus, in western Asia and northern Africa. Botanists believe that the origin of many yew trees can be traced, including - to find “children” fortingelskogo longevity.

3 November 2015

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