Belarus will have its own Antarctic station

Polar House “will consist of 8-10 modules, equipped with everything necessary for life and work of polar explorers.

MINSK, 25 September. / Correspondent. Larisa Klyuchnikova TASS /. Belarus will have its own Antarctic station. It ends with production of the first unit of the Belarusian station in late October and the first of its infrastructure facilities will go to Antarctica. To get to their camp, the Belarusian explorers will take advantage of the services of their Russian colleagues. They went on board the Russian research vessel “Akademik Fedorov”.

This was told by the deputy head of the Centre for Polar Research of the National Academy of Sciences Alexei Gaidashov.

“The plant will be modular, compact and equipped with everything you need. All the parts are designed in Belarus - said Gaidashov. - The design turned out well and extremely economical to manufacture and delivery.”

“Polar House” will consist of 8-10 modules, equipped with everything necessary for life and work of polar explorers. Assemble together, they shall be as the designer of “Lego”.

Based Belarusian polar “representation” is near the mountain Evening (27 km from the Russian station “Youth”). Here, the temperature can drop to minus 60 degrees, and wind gusts could reach more than 60 m / s, so the Antarctic station will be equipped with the necessary insulation for these latitudes, and climate control. Each module will have its own autonomous power supply through diesel generator sets. The developers made it possible to use and solar energy. Between modules VHF communication system is provided that will not lay cable lines between the construction of the station.

The eighth expedition of Belarusian polar explorers, who went to the end of October / beginning of November, maybe / will consist of five people. In addition to her research to be involved in work related to the installation of the Belarusian Antarctic station. It is planned that the first station to be built in Antarctica by 2018. The first phase is planned to create more office-residential and residential laboratory modules, power supply systems and volley discharge of domestic sewage. Construction of the global structures in the form of tank farms, sewage treatment plants closed cycle and some others are planned in 2018 and 2025.

Since 1956, worked in the Antarctic over a hundred Belarusians. First - as a part of the Soviet Antarctic expeditions. Belarusians own way in the study of Antarctica started in 2006 in St. Petersburg as part of a seasonal detachment of the Russian Antarctic Expedition 52 to the station “Youth”. Then conquer the mysterious harsh edge off two Belarusian polar Alex Gaidashov and Leonid Turishev.

25 September 2015

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