Scientists have announced the discovery of the missing link of evolution

Moscow. May 7th. INTERFAX.RU - Scientists have found microbes, which they called the children of the missing link between the evolution of the first microorganisms and protozoa, inhabit the earth about two billion years ago. The study was published in the journal Nature.

Deep-sea organisms have been found International expedition to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Norway. Traces of bacteria, known as Lokiarchaeota abbreviated Loki found in sediments at a depth of 2.35 kilometers near the geothermal source located on the Arctic ocean ridges.

According to scientists, the discovery gives an idea of ​​how the bacteria have no nucleus - the prokaryotes - organisms have become, where the DNA is contained within the nucleus - eukaryotes. Recently became the building blocks for all kinds of plants and animals.

Scientists have not found microorganisms Loki nucleus, but they have found genes that are only in eukaryotes, including responsible for the functions associated with the cell membrane. They called them “starter kit” for the development of more complex bacteria, which then gave rise to the whole variety of life on Earth.

“People have always been interested in finding the answer to the question” How do we come from? “Now we know what type of bacteria has become our ancestor,” - said the evolutionary microbiologist Thijs Ettema from the Swedish University of Uppsala, coordinated research.

7 May 2015

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