Siberian scientists have created an artificial brain is self-learning

Siberian scientists on the basis of an international laboratory “Vision Systems” Tomsk State University, together with colleagues from Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan announced the creation of an artificial brain capable of self-learning. This was reported on the official website of the TSU.

“First were built mathematical and computer models of the human brain. After that was designed radio-electronic device comprising perceptron. It is capable of handling various information such as video and sound,” - said Professor of the Faculty of innovative technologies NO TSU Vladimir Syryamkin.

According to the chief developer Vladimir Shumilova ultimately artificial brain has to be analogous to the biological model. “We have a tremendous amount of work, but a very important step has been taken - we were able to reveal the secret of brain neural network. In our physical model, as in the human brain, the formation of new neural connections, and the attenuation of the existing ones. In humans, it is called the process of forgetting “, - he said.

As emphasized, the scientists developed a physical model is capable of self-learning and life experience.

The artificial medium of natural intelligence takes external stimuli and trial and error trying to avoid their influence. For example, when exposed to a bright light source it will first try to look away, and then, if that fails, to move away from him. Until the artificial brain will not find the right solution, its neurons (perceptrons) will be in an excited state. When artificial intelligence will find this solution, it will remember it and will use in similar situations, experts say.

“In the final version, we want to achieve as close as possible to the artificial intelligence of the biological model of the brain” - adds Professor Syryamkin.

According to researchers, the possibilities created by the use of artificial intelligence are almost limitless. The development could help physicians in the study and treatment of different types of amnesia and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The cause of these pathologies is often a violation of neural connections, or the extinction of activity of neurons.

In addition, the artificial intelligence of the natural media can be integrated into intelligent robotics systems and neurocomputers.

17 August 2015

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