Tomsk scientists are breeding earthworms for production of protein meal

Scientists of the Tomsk State University (TSU) will be engaged in cultivation of earthworms. After the processing of them can produce food, medicine and cosmetics, Tass reported in the press service of the university with reference to the head of the Department of Plant Protection, Professor Andrey Babenko.

“Modern agriculture has highly productive breeds of pigs, cows, chickens. Why not create a highly productive breeds of worms? It’s the same cattle breeding. Worms - a protein with a very high protein content. Experiments show that it is not inferior protein and veal other valuable breeds of domestic animals “- led the press service of the word scientist.

The task of researchers - do vermicultivation (breeding and using earthworms) a lucrative business. They work hard to earthworms multiply rapidly and gained weight. In particular, accustom them to different substrates - processed rot of the plant. It has already applied for a patent on the use of low calorie substrates. Scientists are conducting experiments aimed at something to speed up the process of their processing - by adding various ingredients.

“Start a population of worms, placed in a good substrate for the year increased by 10-15 times. So vermicultivation can be very cost effective. The degree of processing of worms depends on what kind of product we want. The minimum processing is sufficient if the products are intended for feeding livestock . Further processing is required if the protein will be used as part of the human diet, “- Babenko said.

28 July 2015

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