Universe considered holographic projection

Physicists from India, Austria and Japan submitted calculations which do not exclude the possibility that the universe can be a hologram. Their findings the authors published in the journal Physical Review Letters, and briefly with them can be found at the Vienna University of Technology.

The holographic principle states that for the mathematical description of the universe is sufficient information contained on its outer edge. Proposed in 1993 by the Dutch physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft principle applied to string theory is embodied in the idea of ​​AdS / CFT-correspondence.

It means that the quantum field theory in space-time anti-de Sitter space is equivalent to conformal field theory. This allows knowing the properties of one theory to obtain information about the other and link in one of the main concepts of string theory, quantum theory with gravity.

However, the Anti-de Sitter space has negative curvature, as opposed to the curvature of the universe, which is close to zero. Meanwhile, as shown by the authors in their study, similar to this correspondence can occur for a flat universe.

“If quantum gravity in flat space allows holographic description in the framework of the standard quantum theory, there should be a physicist, calculated in both theories, and the results of such calculations should be consistent,” - said one of the study’s authors, Daniel Gryummiler.

The scientist noted that this correspondence can be checked by the example of quantum entanglement, which occurs when the properties of objects originally linked, are correlated even when they are separated by a distance between themselves: changes in the properties of one object at a distance from the other of the system affects the properties others.

Quantitative measure describe entanglement entropy acts. As shown by the authors in their work, in which case it takes the same values ​​in the plane of quantum gravity in two-dimensional quantum field theory.

“This confirms our assumption that the holographic principle can be implemented in a flat space, which is an indication that compliance may occur in our universe” - concluded Gryummiler.

29 April 2015

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