New efficiency record of transparent solar panels

Heliatek GmbH company reported the new achievement, she argues that created the most efficient in the world transparent solar cell.

The company’s engineers have developed an organic photovoltaic cell with 40% transparency and 7.2% conversion of light energy into electrical energy.

Before, the company holds the leadership in efficiency opaque organic inverter solar energy into electricity with the index 12%. The latest achievement is even more expanded market potential of the company.

Although organic photovoltaic cells and are highly effective, they are relatively cheap and can be applied on practically any surface. In addition, this technology allows you to adjust HeliaFilm spectrum absorbed and transmitted light, which further extends the application of these elements.

Manufacturer suggests using transparent solar cells in the windows of houses and cars, in the part where you want shading: transparent roof hatches, hoods. Perhaps transparent photocells can be installed in sunglasses and recharge, so various mobile gadgets same Google Glass, for example.

7 May 2014

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