The sensational discovery was made by scientists: they believe that in the dungeons of the Egyptian pyramids is a labyrinth of time, in which the past, present and future exist simultaneously

He left us a legacy of ancient civilizations. And absolutely fantastic looking version of his destiny. It’s a time machine. Only it’s not design or some mechanism, and the energy portal, a hole between the parallel worlds.

In November 2016 Egypt will launch a global research project. Experts from Japan, America and Europe will scan the Great Pyramids. The study will help identify areas that are hidden underneath. And most importantly - to understand how deep into the secret room. Pyramids are examined with the help of cosmic rays via satellites. If the mystery of the ancient megaliths is finally revealed, we will be able to move in time - in the past or the future. And this is not fiction.

The sensational discovery in the second half of the twentieth century did the Soviet scientist Nikolai Kozyrev. It turns out that the past, present and future exist simultaneously. This parallel worlds. The boundaries between them can be overcome, according to scientists. In this hypothesis, there are a number of important evidence.

Egypt. The ancient city of Thebes. Modern tourists it is known as Luxor. Here is the famous Karnak Temple. It is the largest temple complex, built by man. During excavations, scientists discovered an unusual door. Her age - 3.5 thousand years. Plate of pink granite was once set in the tomb of the vizier of Queen Hatshepsut - Usera. According to decipher inscriptions, the door takes you to another dimension.

Thousands of kilometers from Luxor, in Bolivia, Gate of the Sun located. Indians themselves call them a gateway to a parallel world. Who built them - scientists can not say so far. When the construction of the Incas found, it was already very old.

Another World mystery - the Gate of the Gods in Peru. The building is carved into the rock a huge door. Local legend says that through her heroes left in better worlds. Many disappeared forever. Someone came back with incredible knowledge. But the most interesting are the results of current research Peruvian stargate. Scientific Qatar Mamani made a sensational statement - they still serve as the entrance to other worlds. Near the stone door was found a huge number of strange objects. On film and electronic media, they appear in the form of fiery disc, balls and clots of plasma of different density and color. The mysterious megalithic structures in all continents.

12 November 2015

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