In Egypt, discovered the tomb of one of the first pharaohs

The tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh III dynasty Hub, which are more than 4.5 thousand. Years, discovered in Egypt. This was announced by the Minister of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of Egypt Mamdouh al-Damato.
The discovery was made in the province Quweisna Minufiyah in the north. As noted in the message received by Tass agency, for the first time in this area, scientists find a monument dreneegipetskoy era. Traditionally, the object is artifacts relating to the later Roman period. “In addition, the discovery of the tomb of the king has to have considerable archaeological significance, since we know little about the Pharaoh - said al-Damato. - A similar finding in the Nile Delta will allow researchers to better understand the administrative system of ancient Egypt that period.”
Haba considered Pharaoh III dynasty (27th century BC), though, as they note, it is not confirmed by any of the king’s list, despite the fact that his name is mentioned in several sources. His reign is almost nothing is known, many of the data are controversial. According to some researchers, the Hub - is one of the names of the pharaoh Huni, although other historians tend to believe that the Hub, the third king of the dynasty, was the forerunner of Huni.
There are eleven monuments of his reign, which kept the name of the pharaoh. Haba considered the creator of the Round pyramid, located between Giza and Saqqara. It represents the unfinished building in a manner beginning of the Old Kingdom and is a series of mastabas, overbuilt one to another. The original height of the pyramid Hubs could reach 45 meters - it is now a little more than 20 m.

21 April 2015

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