VTsIOM: Vladimir Putin’s rating peaked maximum values

The level of approval of President’s activities is at the peak maximum values ​​- 87-88%. So it remains consistently high and a half years, from the data of VTsIOM.

Height head of state support recorded in the background “Crimean Spring” 2014: rate began to rise in March and in May rose to 86% (from 64% in February). In October this year it was 87%, and in mid-November was 88%.

The greatest increase in approval rating of the president for two years was recorded among the poorest citizens - from 45% in November 2013 to 82% in May 2015. Among people with average incomes - from 63% to 88%. Among the supporters of the Communist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party figures have increased to 31-39% in November 2013 to 82-85% in May 2015.

Opinion polls carried out in the years 1999-2015 in 130 settlements of 46 regions, each time they attended 1,600 people. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.

As the head of the VTsIOM Valery Fedorov at a press conference in Tass, fluctuations occur in a fairly narrow range, from 84% to 90%. Neither occurred in recent events could not have “the pressure on the rating or below, not from above,” it is an autonomous, independent nature.

Putin’s approval rating for the third time since 1999 reached a historic high. “Rating survived three peaks - this is the fall of 1999, it is the autumn of 2002 and the current period, has continued for 1.5 years to this day,” - said Fedorov. In each case, the percentage of support or approval reached 87-88%.

24 November 2015

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