Chimpanzees as humans or chimpanzees as humans?

Weak leader struggling to hold on to power, but ambitious upstarts are planning a conspiracy to overthrow the leader. Increasing intensity, the community splits and start killing. The war would last for years.

No, it’s not the plot of the political thriller, but real events related to chimpanzees in the National Park of Tanzania. View of social fragmentation, which led to a four-year war in the 1970s, shows the similarity between the processes in human society and the clans of monkeys.

Joseph Feldblum from Duke University and his colleagues to reconsider the old notes on chimpanzees to understand what led to the conflict. His team used the old data in the software, which can describe the social network chimpanzees. Chimpanzee suddenly divided into two groups: one in the north, one in the south. “It’s hard to say what caused the split, but it happened, when he died of a senior man (Faces) in late 1970. Once Leakey died, they caused a split,” says Feldblum. “He seems to have been a bridge between the northern and southern chimps.”

8 May 2014

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