Tomsk scientists discovered mineral indicator to help look for deposits of rare metals

TOMSK, November 24. / TASS /. Scientists Tomsk State University (TSU) opened two new minerals, one of which contains the metal tantalum, and the other points to the field with this substance. About this TASS Head of the Department of Mineralogy and Geochemistry TSU Sergey Konovalenko.
Rare metal that is used in electronics and transplantation of bone. Because it makes pipes for use in difficult climatic conditions and details of nuclear reactors. Also use it to get heavy-duty heat resistant alloys for the defense industry products.

“One of the minerals - ferropedrisit - an indicator that allows you to search for deposits of rare metals in the place of its discovery is possible to open the field of tantalum and other elements. The second - Rossovskii potentially ore mineral from which can be extracted tantalum and niobium, also contains titanium, iron “- he said.

According to the scientist, ferropedrisita deposit was discovered by geologists in the Tomsk Sangilen Highlands East Tuva still in the middle of the last century, but then in the Russian Academy of Sciences considered one of the mineral is already open. Only 50 years later we found out that this is a completely new mineral.
Rossovskii found in western Mongolia in 2005, and only five years later, scientists suspect that this is a new mineral. After that, he had to re-examine.
Konovalenko added that the Commission on New Minerals International Mineralogical Association confirmed that both minerals were previously unknown. An official certificate in the Tomsk university plan to get to the end of this year.

25 November 2014

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