Russian nuclear surprised recognition of the Japanese pioneers of the 113th element of the periodic table

“This is somewhat unexpected decision for us. Especially in practice IUPAC ample precedent recognizing the” joint “priority“, - quotes the message JINR TASS.

The Russian Institute say that the first time the 113th element (isotope of mass 284, and a lifetime of about one second) has been registered at JINR in 2003 as a daughter product decay of the isotope 115 to the mass element 288. In 2004, according to the JINR specialists RIKEN from an experiment, where it was registered isotope of element 113 with mass 278 and a lifetime of a few milliseconds.

Earlier, the Japanese government reported that RIKEN is officially recognized by the pioneer of a new chemical element. He was so right to give it a name. Authorship claim as experts from Russia and the United States.

6 January 2016

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• Cozdateley chemical element 113 will be announced in a month, it can be called Japan More on TASS: »»»
The names of the scientists who created the 113 chemical element in the periodic table, will be announced at the end of January next year.
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