Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of all the world’s leaders in the ranking of the most influential people, according to the readers of the American magazine Time

Voting will end on Friday evening, the official results will be announced on April 13. In turn, the list, according to the wording, will be announced on April 16.

The Russian head of state topped the rating, gaining 6.9% of the vote. Thus, the Dalai Lama took 7th place and scored only 1.7% of the vote, President Barack Obama is on the 11th place with 1.4%. German Chancellor Angela Merkel received 0.9% of the vote and takes only a 25th place ranking, caving in to Syrian President Bashar Assad and President Xi Jinping.

Vladimir Putin in November 2014 and the second consecutive year, led the list of the most influential people in the world by the US magazine Forbes.

11 April 2015

Vladimir Yakunin: “Globalization leads to disorganization of the economy, society and the disintegration of nation states desovereignization”
Almost half of the citizens have nothing to ask Vladimir Putin’s “straight line”. The “no longer causes the enthusiasm of the population,” the Russians are tired of this format of communication

• Russians for Putin, but against the policy. President of Russia's electoral rating rose to a record 87%. Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 4% of the vote »»»
It seems that our fellow credited with the political agenda of the country president - Vladimir Putin's rating reached historical highs.
• Almost half of the citizens have nothing to ask Vladimir Putin's "straight line". The "no longer causes the enthusiasm of the population," the Russians are tired of this format of communication »»»
72% of the fund "Public Opinion" (FOM) were aware that on April 16, President Vladimir Putin will hold a straight line.
• The Italians called Putin's most influential politician of the year 2015 »»»
24.66% think that Russia has significantly increased its weight in the international arena due to the policy of the Russian leadership on the fight against international terrorism.
• VTsIOM: Vladimir Putin's rating peaked maximum values »»»
The level of approval of President's activities is at the peak maximum values ​​- 87-88%.
• Ordinary Americans do not approve of Obama's connection with the Ukrainian crisis. Rating Head of State went down »»»
Barack Obama's work on the highest public office in general disapprove of 59% of Americans, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Press - GfK.