Opinion polls show that more and more Russians approve of Stalin and his policies, including its “wise leader”, which led the country to the “power and prosperity”

We live in a marvelous time when the Kremlin does not insist whether to love or hate Stalin. Absolute freedom! Treat as you wish! Sociological surveys of the population of Russia for Stalin can therefore be regarded as X-rays of people’s souls.

And they show that the degree of love for Stalin reaches critical temperatures. Have no not Lenin and Stalin became very much alive.

In fact, Stalin turned into a mutant, which is the opposite of the little meet people who died back in March 1953.
There are two Stalin from which to choose. There is a monster. It has caused irreparable damage to the peoples of the Soviet Union, crippled their genetic, poisoning and other nations. And there is a fabulous giant who all won, extended the imperial borders, forcing the world to respect Russia and cravenly afraid of her.

People in Russia is divided, let’s say, for historians and storytellers.

Historians - this is the part of the people, which is a negative attitude to Stalin, from a sustainable dislike to hate.
Storytellers deify Stalin. For them, Stalin - Russian God, despite the national god and his Marxist roots.

In the Brezhnev era in the Soviet Army were forbidden to subscribe to anti-Stalinist magazine “New World”. They consider that it weakens the army. Stalin was and remains the father of the Soviet mobilization. Today, when Russia once again became a mobilization camp, storytellers multiply rapidly: the right climate.

However, too strong support of Stalin in the people rather plays into the hands of the communists than the Kremlin Zyuganov and has ushered in “Stalin spring.” However, the Kremlin is ready to move, assuming part of the national mobilization of ideas.

The order - the key word of the Stalinists. This admission of weakness. No whip can not climb. No whip can not become a bugbear for the whole world. But the yearning of the order was likely in past generations Stalinists. Now it is more about dry cleaning.

Today Stalin passed through a dry-cleaner of national oblivion and brought before us in a special way. It is not the blood of victims of 1937 (and other years). Storytellers reduce to a minimum the Stalinist terror that is permitted in any revolution.

Ahistorical dry washed away with the blood of millions of Stalin’s Soviet (including Russian) soldiers killed in the war against Hitler.

Stalin storytellers simple and collectivization. In it, as in a dry well, they just stopped to look. Having created a god, storytellers do not dare to judge him. Their god of the best know who to punish. Storytellers do not mind any scholar, writer, politician, executed by Stalin.

Ruthlessness with unconsciousness apply to modern times, in the “Kursk”, Dubrovka, Beslan: everything instantly forgettable. This is a fabulous property of consciousness.

19 January 2016

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