Kamchatka volcano erupted unknown diamonds

Eruption by which the discovery was made, it took place in 2012-2013. It was not quite normal - like it is called crack. Its feature is that the lava flowing from the crater of the volcano did not, and from cracks on its slopes. Scientists emphasize that the stories were just seven major eruptions of this type: two in Iceland in the X and XVIII centuries, two in Mexico, XVIII and XX centuries, one of the Canary Islands in the XVIII century, and twice on Tolbachik in 1975-76 and 2012-2013.

The report stresses that to date small samples of solidified lava recovered hundreds of diamonds. Tolbachinskyi not only a lot of diamonds, they are quite large.

Interestingly, the “diamond of the volcano”, the assurances of scientists, very similar to the synthetic and artificial stones. However, their natural origin is no doubt, though they differ from all previously known species of gemstone for most minerologo geochemical characteristics - temperature combustion to trace the composition.

24 July 2015

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