Rostovite became “foster father” to 300 crocodiles

Daniel Popov of the capital of the Don breed these exotic and dangerous animals for two years.
As the only breeder of crocodiles in the Southern Federal District, he is forced to live in two houses: in Rostov, he grows young crocodiles, then transports them to his crocodile farm in the Krasnodar region.
So Daniel managed to grow more than 300 individuals. Although, according to experts of the press center of the Rostov regional stations to combat animal diseases, crocodiles rarely breed in captivity.
Cubs, he drove the farm to his home, where carefully monitors the temperature and nutrition kids. Then the man returns them back.
- Can you imagine if I was on the road with crocodiles stopped by traffic police and will not have all the necessary documents. I am grateful to Rostov veterinarians that I always go to the meeting and promptly helped to draw all the necessary veterinary documents accompanying because of crocodiles and other animals I translate from region to region several times in a season - says krokodilovod.

18 November 2015

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