In the steppes of Kazakhstan found 260 Giant ancient drawings

Kazakhstan’s Turgai geoglyphs in the region is a square, lines, crosses and rings the size of several football fields, which can only be seen from a great height. It is reported by The New York Times. The approximate age of the facilities is 8 thousand. Years.
In 2007, the earthen figures were discovered Kazakh amateur archaeologist Dmitry Deem using the service Google Earth. Day said that initially he was looking for a pyramid in Kazakhstan, but instead saw a giant square. First Day thought it was the legacy of the Soviet Union, but in the search have been found 260 more similar objects. In particular, one of the geoglyphs - left-handed swastika. Directly on the site of the mysterious designs of the artifacts were discovered Neolithic age 6-10 thousand. Years.

The archaeologist has suggested that the drawings could be used to monitor the movement of the sun, as it was with Stonehenge in Britain and towers chankillo in Peru.
“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s great,” - said Compton Tucker, a senior fellow for Biosphere Studies in Washington.
100 million years ago in the Cretaceous period, Turgai was divided in half by an isthmus. Rich steppe land was a favorite place for hunting from the Stone Age tribes.

Studies have shown that the mound dates back to around 800 BC - this makes it the oldest find of this kind. Other geoglyphs belong to the era of the Middle Ages.
Scientists have suggested that the patterns can be linked to Mahandzharskoy culture that flourished in those places in VII-V centuries BC. However, scientists can not explain the fact that the nomads have remained in one place as long as needed to create such a giant structure.
Archaeologist Persis Clarkson believes that the geoglyphs in Kazakhstan, Peru and Chile is changing the lives of early nomads and, therefore, the development of settled and civilized society.
As for the future geoglyphs, the archaeologists plan to use drones to explore them. However, they should hurry, because one object has already been destroyed in the course of road and construction works this year. At the moment, the question of the protection of UNESCO sites.

2 November 2015

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