Jacques Sapir and Emmanuel Todd: Crimea just had to move Russia

In international law, there are two contradicting each principle: the principle of the inviolability of borders and the right of peoples to self-determination. The only solution to this long-known to all the contradictions - the legitimacy of the country, but in Ukraine since February 22 is no constitutional succession.

And this, incidentally, has been recognized by various European countries and the United States, because they have called a revolution is happening in Ukraine. A revolution means the end of constitutional continuity.

From this perspective, we can not say whether legal or illegal referendum. Therefore, we must admit that in this situation only applies the right of peoples to self-determination.

Moderator: Emmanuel Todd?

Emmanuel Todd: I generally agree with Jacques Sapir. He brings excellent arguments, he wrote about it in his blog. West himself wanted a revolution in the Ukraine and is now paying the price for it, because now it is hard to say which is the Ukrainian state. I would like to depart from legal subjects because the Crimea belongs to Russia from a linguistic and historical point of view. It’s all very clear. It is an anomaly that was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I think we are seeing a turning point in history that stands out above all the legal issues.

Host: What are you talking about anomalies?

Emmanuel Todd: On Khrushchev and his decision. I must say that the Russians managed to get out of communism with admirable grace. There has not been a bloodbath, they quietly released the entire circumference, and then formed a people’s democracy. In fact, they allowed themselves to impose abnormal situations like the same Crimea. I’m here, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am glad that we finally managed to leave behind this historic nightmare. As I have said, the Russians came out of communism extremely elegant, but for 20 years they have faced only with the humiliation, contempt, slander in the press. We always show only the negative aspects of what is happening in Russia. And we still know little about the ongoing process of reconstruction of the country. They really are in a vulnerable position, were forced to surrender their positions. And we brought NATO to their borders. But now Russia is restored, and the world returns to normal. In general, I can not say that I personally like so Putin regime. I must admit that in the current climate of decline in Europe I personally am impressed by the Anglo-American world. I say this to all immediately clear to me not have to go to the record “putinists.” But I am very sincerely glad for Russians. For the Crimea, which was forced to exist in a dilapidated Ukrainian state.

4 April 2014

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