Russian divers have set a world record in the 111 meters immersed in the Barents Sea

The immersion was carried out in the framework of a scientific expedition “Arctic Russia.”

KAZAN, July 17. / Correspondent. TASS Damir Khairulin /. Divers Russian Geographical Society (RGS) set a world record, dropping in the Barents Sea at a depth of 111 meters.

This Tass spokeswoman Irina Sadykov Tatarstan department.

“The deepest scuba dive in the Arctic to a depth of 111 meters at the Russian equipment recorded by a member of the Board of Directors of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities Bozhanov Ostoyich”, - she said.

According Sadykova in diving expedition participated seven members, including a representative of the Volgograd branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Alexander Gubin. “Three men from the group dive at a depth of 30 meters to insure their two divers on the surface of the Barents Sea, two specialist on duty” - said Sadykov.

According to the Russian Geographical Society, dive took 101 minutes. State team members after a dive specialists of the Military Medical Academy was rated as satisfactory.

On expedition

Expedition “Russian Arctic” - the first stage of a large-scale project “13 seas of Russia”, was launched on July 1 in Kazan. Research papers were on the Barents Sea near the Teriberka Murmansk region, where members of the squad have established autonomous expedition camp.

During the expedition to the bottom of the Barents Sea divers lowered as a symbol WGI World Cup FINA 2015 - capsule with water from the river Kazanka. In addition, divers have collected scientific information on the state of the fauna in the depth of over 40 meters. The data transferred to the specialists of the Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography name NM Knipovich.

17 July 2015

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