Beginning of the space race for the right to establish air on Mars

Space race for the colonization of Mars - a great chance for engineers to compete in originality and efficiency ideas. Humanity plans to establish a colony on the Red Planet, and for that people need to solve a lot of issues related to the safety of life of future colonists.
One such problem - oxygen for respiration. If the air is saturated with them in the world, and the people he is talking only to the benefit of, the atmosphere of Mars is very different from the Earth. May involve scientists, about four billion years ago, the Red Planet and was rich in oxygen, but now the gases in its atmosphere totally unsuitable for breathing.
Therefore, the scientists decided to return the lost Mars and re-saturate it with air, breathable. Only in the last few months, three teams of researchers presented their vision of how people will be able to breathe on the fourth planet from the sun.
Students from the University of Western Australia in conjunction with the candidate to participate in the project Mars One Josh Richards (Josh Richards) have developed a project called Helena Payload Project. The researchers suggest the use of a simple system for the extraction of water from the Martian soil and convert it into breathing air by means of electrolysis.
The Australian team will compete with the German band Cyano Knights, which offer an alternative way of generating air Martian colonists. Oxygen, according to the authors of this idea can produce cyanobacteria. Microorganisms can process up to 95% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Mars in pure oxygen.

18 December 2014

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• Mars is temporarily transferred to Canada »»»
A non-profit organization “Martian Society” (Mars Society), consisting mostly of scientists, engineers and a few of the Futurists, who had heritage in history, creating a simulated Martian research station in the desert of Utah (pictured right), has announced plans to start next spring and another entertaining project - modeling of the mission to Mars, which will hold in the Canadian Arctic on Devon Island.
• Oxygen in the ocean appeared earlier than in the atmosphere »»»
Sometime Wednesday planet was completely anoxic. Everything changed with the Oxygen Catastrophe, when the atmosphere saturated with this gas first photosynthetic organisms - archaea.
• U.S. scientists have created a solar fuel »»»
A team of American scientists began experiments on the conversion of solar energy.
• Duration of the rovers in challenging conditions, sand storms has exceeded the expectations of specialists NASA »»»
“Prior to the start of the mission they said that they would be happy to receive information from Opportunity 90 or even 30 days, but at this point sets, in spite of all breakdowns and malfunctions, reached round date - 1000 days on Mars.
• In Canada, develop environmentally friendly fuel from human faeces »»»
Waste brought rapid heating to a temperature of 400-500 degrees in an oxygen-free environment (pyrolysis), after which carbon gases condense, becoming dark-brown thick oily liquid.