Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation provides philologists create a list of the most literate and media newsmakers, and violators antireyting rules of Russian language

This idea was voiced by Deputy Minister Alexei Volin during a roundtable at the State Institute of Russian Language named after Pushkin.

The cause of what is happening in his opinion, is that the media has become very much and skilled just is not enough. “Before, the media was not enough, they worked literate people who impose the correct language norms,” ​​- said the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications. His role in the erosion of linguistic rules, in his opinion, has played and the development of the Internet and blogerskogo activities.

“Today is a significant part of the media with the Russian language does not make friends. Meanwhile, it is the media can shape both the correct and incorrect language norms” - the deputy minister admitted, noting that on TV journalists often wrongly put stress and build incorrect grammar and printing workers publications often allow spelling errors. “Sometimes you just want to take a license,” - joked Wolin.

According Volin, in this situation it is necessary to enlist the support of the professional community, which would form a clear position. “I would like to get a list of the most frequently used errors in the media, and make the rating[/[t:tag slug=norma]rating newsmakers and the media in terms of the proper use of the Russian language.

In addition, the need to create and antireyting media that most mangle Russian language, “- said Wolin, adding that the Ministry of Communications is ready in every way to promote this project. The Deputy Minister also proposed philologists develop recommendations for journalists from the series” write and speak correctly. ”

“Our feeling that today’s horse without a whip will not go” - admitted Wolin.

Rector of the Institute of Russian Language Margarita Rusetskaya proposal supported. “I think that the scientific study of our reach, but would like to examination had a social character,” - she said.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation proposal also received approval. “We, for our part, of course, we will support,” - said Deputy Minister Benjamin kagan.

27 October 2014

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