Vladimir Yakunin: “Globalization leads to disorganization of the economy, society and the disintegration of nation states desovereignization”

Recently, within the walls of St. Petersburg State University President of JSC “Russian Railways” Vladimir Yakunin a lecture.

However, he acted as a doctor of political sciences, head of the department of public policy of the Faculty of Political Science, Moscow State University, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Center of National Glory and the St. Andrew Foundation, president and founder of ForumDialogue of Civilizations“.

The lecture caused a wide resonance in the media. However, not so much the comprehension of its content as replication of individual quotations.

As a result, Vladimir Yakunin decided to give on this issue separate comment: “I am often asked why under heavy load in the Railways I do a lot of community work - the patron of a number of public organizations and foundations, the time is given to research and teaching work? I can answer so : this is not a whim or caprice, but a part of my world view, and the system that each individual creates for himself. First, like any other citizen of the country, I was far from indifferent to its future, so social activity, which I am, reflects my beliefs and my desire to ensure that future generations have lived in Russia well and safely, preserving national traditions, family values, cultural priorities. Secondly, the head of a company such as Railways must constantly engage in self-education complex, because this work requires a comprehensive knowledge in different areas - the head of RJ. ” - In the same line there is my teaching and research activities at the Department of State Policy Department of Political Science, Moscow State University. And one more thing. Now, in the context of current events, many developments we conducted an international public forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” extremely actualized. Mean and sharp aggravation of the international situation, and systemic economic crisis, the inevitability of which we quite accurately predicted. I recently gave a lecture at St. Petersburg State University, where have tried to analyze the nature of globalization, not only as a new type of world order, but also as an ideological project that benefits the global financial oligarchy, which I am absolutely convinced.

This statement, by the way, caused a strange excitement from my implacable critics. As usual, a half hour of speeches were some phrases taken out of context, and commented on in a certain way. For those who are really interested to see the theme of the lecture, I recommend reading the original. ”

“Expert North-West” has decided to publish the text of this lecture to our reader make his own decision on the conclusions set out Vladimir Yakunin.

3 April 2015

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