As mental abilities change with age

Not all brain function deteriorates with age - some of our cognitive abilitie[t:tag slug=sposobnost]abilities reach a peak in 40 years, and even later.

It is believed that our brains reach a maximum of twenty years or so, followed by a gradual decline: we begin to remember worse, slower thinking, and so on. D. In reality, however, as found out by psychologists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the dynamics of cognitive functions looks much difficult - in the sense that different abilities have their peak age, so that some of them reach full bloom, for example, 40 years later.

In fact, the belief that young brains in general do everything better, supported by many scientific papers, in which the “raw material” for cognitive experiments were university students. As to the people who would have emerged from the student’s age, but have not yet become old men, they get to the laboratory is much more difficult - yet at the usual adult there are many other things to worry but to be material for the experiments.

However, this methodological bias helped eliminate the worldwide network. Jermyn Laura (Laura Germine) and her colleagues have posted on the website two cognitive tests that could go in just a few minutes. As a result, for some years to collect data about 3 million people of all ages. Processing of this sea of ​​information resulted in some unexpected results: for example, in 2011, researchers published an article that argued that the ability to recognize a person reaches a peak not in 20 years, and 30, and a little later, and only then begins to weaken. The same is true of the short-term visual memory.

First, psychologists thought that maybe something is wrong with their own network by collecting data on cognitive abilities. They appealed to the data obtained decades ago as part of a larger project on the measurement of intelligence, a feature of which was that there could be traced three dozen different components, the ability to put the puzzle before the oral account. These Jermyn Laura and her colleagues used a method that allows us to estimate the level of each of the abilities in a particular age. Again, it was found that no single peak around 20 years have, on the contrary, different cognitive skills at different peak lifetime.

The results obtained by psychologists to check back on a wider sample of Internet users: 50 000 people have been several tests that were supposed to define the four cognitive parameter. It was found that the speed of information processing grows up to 18-19 years, and then immediately begins to decline. Short-term memory is enhanced up to 25 years and remains in the same state until about 35 years. But the ability to assess the emotional state of others - that, in general, can also be considered

9 March 2015

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