Ooho - replacing plastic water bottles

How can I stop the fast-growing pile of plastic bottles in landfills?

On one of the ways we described earlier: to ban the sale of water in plastic bottles, as did San Francisco.

Another interesting way - make a bottle that people can eat.

Inspired by the technique of molecular gastronomy, three London industrial design student created “Ooho“, teardrop water container that is strong enough, hygienic, biodegradable, edible and which, according to them, it is easy and cheap to produce.

The container can hold water in a double membrane with “sferifikatsii” - methods of giving fluid in spherical form, first developed in the laboratory in 1946 and which recently revived cook Spanish restaurants elBulli.

Its principle of operation is a bit like an egg yolk, which also keeps its shape, being enclosed in a thin membrane.

“We use an improved version sferifikatsii one of the most important elements of life - water,” says Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez (Rodrigo García González), a student who designed Ooho together with classmates students - designers grazed Pierre (Pierre Paslier) and Guillaume Kush (Guillaume Couche).

8 April 2014

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