Scientists can clone a cave lions that lived more than 10-20 thousand. Years ago

Cave lions that lived more than 10-20 thousand. Years ago, will try to clone. This Tass reported Tuesday the representatives of the Academy of Sciences in Yakutia. “This year, on the territory of Yakutia Abyisky district were discovered unique finds - two cave lion cub in good state of preservation, which have no analogues in the world. It is a young age, less than a month, they do not have teeth. They lived on the territory of Yakutia more than 10-20 thousand . years ago. Due to the fact that high safety cubs soft tissues, we - scientists - tend to the fact that they can be cloned. But on the results of this work will be possible to speak two or three years “, - noted in the Academy of Sciences republic.
According to scientists, this discovery could provide answers to many questions about the origin of cave lions, because before that was found whole carcasses of these animals.
“We can learn anatomy, morphology of cave lion. There will be computer, radiocarbon research is studied in detail by DNA by genetic molecular studies, internal organs. This set of studies will clarify the origin and kinship cave lions” - said the head of the mammoth fauna the Academy of Sciences in Yakutia Albert Protopopov.
By studying these finds will join scientists from Japan, Korea and the United States.
Good safety cubs achieved due to the fact that they were buried deep in the earth.
Furthermore, microbiologists extracted from the remains of cave lion cubs four strains of microorganisms, which are currently being studied in a scientific center of the city Pushchino, Moscow Region. Already obtained two patents on the strains isolated from permafrost Yakutia sequences looking to use for environmental purposes. Strains deposited and are kept in the Russian National Collection of Microorganisms in Pushchino.

17 November 2015

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