The Russians do not have a unified position on the question whether the country is now in the international isolation: 47% think that is, 45% hold the opposite opinion

More than half of respondents (63%) of those who think that Russia is in isolation, are concerned about this situation, and a third (35%) do not worry on that score, the poll conducted November 21-24 among 1,600 people in 134 villages Russian “Levada Center.”

Answering the question whether the present have Western sanctions had any impact on the policy of the Russian leadership, 47% of respondents said that this effect is significant, 34% - that is insignificant. Almost one in ten (12%) believe that Western sanctions are not reflected in the policy of the Russian authorities, and 8% were undecided.

Respondents were also asked about their attitudes to some countries: according to the survey, significantly changed the view of Russians regarding the US, the European Union and Ukraine.

Thus, in January, a good attitude to the United States said 43% of Russians, now - 18%. Negatively to the United States are 74% (44% in January).

It is favored by 26% of EU respondents (51% in January), negatively disposed 63% of Russians (34%).

Attitude to Ukraine has also changed for the worse: good for this country are now 28% (in January - 66%), bad - 59% (in January - 26%).

To Belarus are good 87% of respondents, bad - 7%, Georgia - 53% good, 33% bad; to Israel - 60% good, 21% bad, China - 74% good, 13% bad.

8 December 2014

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• 59% of Russians saw the value in the sanctions, the harm mentioned only every fourth »»»
Most people in Russia have found useful sanctions Western countries against Russia, the survey showed "Levada Center" held in late September 2014.
• The Russians want to live in Europe, but do not wish to follow its norms and values, hopes to improve relations with the West, but disapprove of their government »»»
According to the survey, "Levada Center", published December 2, 75 percent of Russians want their country to improve relations with Western countries.
• Most of the polled Russians - 36% - believes that Ukraine is a civil war »»»
When asked what events are taking place in Ukraine, only 7% chose the answer "coup d'etat, violent seizure of power" (in early 2014, the share of this response ranged from 23% to 32%).
• Ordinary Americans do not approve of Obama's connection with the Ukrainian crisis. Rating Head of State went down »»»
Barack Obama's work on the highest public office in general disapprove of 59% of Americans, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Press - GfK.
• Disgruntled Americans require the creation of a third political force: the Republican and Democratic parties "do their job poorly" on the representation of interests of citizens of the USA »»»
According to recent sociological research Gallup, Americans trust to power has reached critically low level, down to the level of the Watergate scandal.