Scientists destroyed Russophobe myths

Recent joint study Russian, British and Estonian geneticists predict big and bold cross on obihozhem Russophobic myth decades root in the consciousness of people - say, “Scratch the Russian and you will definitely find a Tartar.” The results of large-scale experiment, published in the latest issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics unequivocally say - “despite the popular belief of a strong Tatar and Mongolian Russian impurities in the blood, inherited by their ancestors in the days of the Mongol invasion, haplogroup Turkic peoples and other Asian ethnic groups left little trace on the population of modern north-western, central and southern regions. ”

That’s it. In this longstanding dispute can safely put the point and consider further discussions on this issue simply irrelevant.

We - not Tatars. Tatars - not us. No effect on the so-called Russian genes “Tatar yoke” - did not have. No impurity “Horde Blood” we, Russian was not and is not.

Moreover, scientists - genetics, totaling their studies claim almost complete is identical genotypes Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians, thus proving that we have been and remain one people:

“… Genetic variation of Y-chromosome residents of central and southern regions of ancient Russia were virtually identical to those of” Slav brothers “- Ukrainians and Belarusians.” What I like grandson Belarusian partisan - double pleasure :)

One of the project leaders, the Russian geneticist Oleg Balanovsky admitted in an interview with Gazeta that Russian people are almost monolithic from the genetic point of view, destroying another myth “all mixed up, there is no Russian.” Just absolutely contrary - Russian and Russian were there. One people, one nation, monolithic nationality - with a distinct special genotype.

Further, exploring the remains of the oldest materials graves, the researchers found that “Slavic tribes mastered these lands (Central and South Russia) long before the mass migration on them VII - IX centuries the main part of the ancient Russian.” That is the land of Central and Southern Russia were inhabited by Russian (Rusich) already, at least - in the first centuries of our era (for RH). Even earlier.

Allowing and debunk another myth Russophobian - that Moscow and its surrounding area have been inhabited since ancient times allegedly threat-Finnish tribes and Russian there - “aliens.” We, as proven genetics - not aliens, but a completely autochthonous inhabitants of Central Russia, where Rusyches lived since time immemorial. “Despite the fact that these lands were inhabited before the last glaciation of the planet about 20,000 years ago, evidence directly indicating the presence of any” native “peoples who lived in this area, no” - the report says. That is, there is no evidence before us that our lands lived what that other tribes, which had supposedly replaced or assimilated. If I may say so - we’re live from the created

16 May 2014

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