Scientists have predicted the disappearance of bananas worldwide

Experts have found an infection that can destroy banana plantations in all countries where the most common cultivated food crop in the world.

As reported in the publication Plos One, the causative agent of the so-called “Panama disease” is a fungus “Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense” (FOC). Spreading in the soil, it has already destroyed crops in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Researchers from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, set in Southeast Asia, the source of infection, found that a variety of illnesses, called “Tropical Race 4″ (TR4), represents a threat to the Cavendish banana varieties - they form the basis of world production and exports of these fruits.

Infection affects vascular system of the plant, resulting in reduced preparation moisture from the soil and wilting. According to scientists, the methods of treatment of the fungus is no, it turned out to existing immune.

About identifying the fungus FOC some experts have stated a few years ago. But then its prevalence has been relatively local. Now, strains have been found in Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Mozambique and Queensland.

Experts pointed out that the level of shipments of bananas from infected regions declined markedly.

3 December 2015

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