The court fined the fund Yevgeny Yasin, sponsor “Dynasty”

The fund “Liberal Mission” headed by Professor Evgeny Yasin, was fined 300 thousand rubles for violating the law on foreign agents.

MOSCOW, June 22 - RIA Novosti. World Court in Moscow on Monday fined 300 thousand rubles foundation “Liberal Mission” headed by Professor Evgeny Yasin, who did not self-register as a foreign agent, told RIA Novosti in court.

“Liberal Mission” Foundation sponsored a well-known businessman Dmitry Zimin “Dynasty“, which earlier also was fined 300 thousand rubles for violating the law on foreign agents. The very “Dynasty” got into the register just because the Ministry of Justice has described funding for “Liberal mission” as a political activity.

The decision of the Ministry of Justice on “Dynasty” previously caused a great resonance in society, on the subject expressed by many human rights activists and even members of the cabinet. For example, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich called “Dynasty”, “one of the most productive and successful in Russia” and praised its educational and research programs.

Dvorkovich expressed hope that “Dynasty” continued to work after the chargeability to foreign agents. The head of the Ministry of Justice Alexander Konovalov earlier told RIA Novosti that the error when deciding on the inclusion of the Fund is excluded.

As reported in early June, the agency executive director of “Dynasty” Anna Piotrovskaya decision on the fate of the fund may be made in one or two months.

As for the “Liberal mission”, it is considering the possibility to refuse the funds reputed foreign to continue, he said Yevgeny Yasin.

22 June 2015

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