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The Government of Ukraine, despite the statement of the unity of the current team, is still waiting for reformatting or retirement in the next few weeks

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities have stated their intention to reformat the government. On his desire to leave the Cabinet said the head of the Ministry of Health Alexander Kvitashvili, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Andrew Brewer, head Mininformpolitiki Yuriy Stets, as well as the

5 February 2016

How to live with patients with alcoholism.

Many people fall into a situation where their home and loved one is drinking. At this point, their life is turned upside down and people suffering from near the alcoholic does not even know what to do and what to do to fight for a banal comfortable life.

23 January 2016

XXI century will be the last for mankind as a species Homo Sapiens. End of an era of people will be marked by genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and mass migration in near-Earth space

The knowledge of mankind in the field of biology will be so deep that people will get rid of all diseases begin to actively apply the creation of genetically modified

22 January 2016

Opinion polls show that more and more Russians approve of Stalin and his policies, including its “wise leader”, which led the country to the “power and prosperity”

We live in a marvelous time when the Kremlin does not insist whether to love or hate Stalin. Absolute freedom! Treat as you wish! Sociological surveys of the population of Russia for Stalin can therefore be regarded as X-rays of people’s souls. And they show that the degree of love for Stalin reaches critical temperatures.

19 January 2016

The Northern Fleet will be looking for new islands in the Arctic

Northern Fleet (NF) created Arctic oceanographic expeditions, which became the legal successor of the Northern Hydrographic Expedition, from 1924 till 2011. The research activities carried out in high-latitude regions of the Arctic.

16 January 2016

Dive into the chaos of varying degrees of gore fallen unipolar world democracy

Unipolar world in which the solution for everyone takes one country will inevitably sink into increasing chaos, and not because the US leadership - these are some bad people in particular. They are ordinary.

15 January 2016

Confidence in the presence of democracy in Russia has increased from 8% in March 2014 to 16% today. 46% believe that Russia needs a “very special, corresponding to national traditions and specifics of democracy”

Those who believe that in today’s Russia “is partly a democracy”, as it became more - 46% against 38% in 2014, say sociologists. The share of Russians who believe that democracy in the country is not yet established, decreased from 32% to 19%.

14 January 2016

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